Zeppy - Your Sound Buddy

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Great Sound


Unique - Zeppy adapts to your lifestyle

Simple - Wireless – Resistant


Water and sand won't do Zeppy any harm

Your life, your sound, your Zeppy

Sound waves


Zeppy thinks about the environment

Made from the outstanding quality of 100% recyclable material

Like an audiospeaker. But completely different.

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With Zeppy, I no longer have to worry about the kids destroying my radio or my phone while listening to their favorite music.

Andreas, 34 years old

With Zeppy, the party can just start everywhere. The sound of only one Zeppy is already pretty great. But as soon as I connect my Zeppy with those of my friends, the sound suddenly reaches a whole new level. Isn't that just awesome. 

Hannah, 24 years old

When I'm in the skatepark, I always have my Zeppy with me. It's so easy to carry that I can just put it in my backpack and listen to my music while I'm skating.

Henrik, 17 years old

Since I've often complained of neck pain, my grandson gave me a Zeppy for my birthday. And I have to say, it totally surprised me how relaxing such a sound massage can be. What a great gift, I am massaged while listening to my favorite hits.

Vilma, 56 years old

On summer weekends, I enjoy going to the park with my friends to play frisbee and relax. We often bring our Zeppys and connect them. Immediately we have great sound, which supports the great summer feeling even more. 

Florian, 17 years old

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