Zeppy lautsprecher fahrrad halterung

If you think a Bluetooth speaker was made just for music, you haven't seen zeppy yet.

One speaker, six sound modes - a thousand and one possible applications.

Waterproof, sand- and shockproof, swims, massages and even sounds really good. With so many talents, even Chuck Norris gets jealous. Zeppy has a lot on his plate. Here we show you how to get the most out of your Soundbuddy.

A true outdoor speaker doesn't shy away from any adventure. Due to its water-, shock- and sand-resistant construction, our mobile loudspeaker accompanies you through all elements on your mountain bike, snowboard or raft. Together with the loop fastening system the Soundbuddy can be used even more versatile. You decide the adventure, zeppy does the rest.

Zeppy outdoor lautsprecher basketball

Shoot hoops on the basketball court with your buddies. With the "Pick my tune" function you can connect up to eight zeppys simultaneously and share your best beats with your friends. Beat that ball up, man!

Zeppy outdoor lautsprecher skateboarding

Can withstand your tenth Mr. Wilson. For more fun when skateboarding, attach zeppy to your backpack through the loop. Zeppy's shockproof case will last until you're the next Tony Hawk.

Zeppy outdoor lautsprecher snowboarding

Accompanies you one of your best downhill ride ever. Whether you prefer to glide over thick powder or doing jumps on half pipes, zeppy won’t let you down. Your soundbuddy withstands all weather conditions as well as your most daring moves.

Zeppy lautsprecher beachvolleyball anwendungsbeispiel

Whether in the city, on the beach or on the highest mountain, zeppy's light weight and robust design make it the perfect travel companion. Features such as Private Listening or Low Energy Mode make the portable speaker even more versatile.

Zeppy outdoor lautsprecher reiselautsprecher

No bad vibes. With the Private Listening mode you can enjoy your favourite music at the pool or on the beach without disturbing your surroundings.

Zeppy outdoor lautsprecher wandern

Your legs might tire on your route, zeppy continues to play. With the low energy mode you can listen to up to 24 hours of non-stop music.

Zeppy outdoor lautsprecher surfen und strand

More music in the line up. It doesn’t matter if stay above or under water while surfing, zeppy is waterproof and will continue to play your favorite tunes.

The out­door Blue­tooth speak­er for every terrain.

Zeppy lautsprecher fahrrad anwendungsbeispiel

Although zeppy is the perfect outdoor speaker, it can do just as much inside as outside. The massage mode turns the Soundbuddy into a portable wellness oasis. For a relaxing massage, just find a cosy place and put the zeppy under your neck. For even more fun relax with zeppy in the bathtub. Zeppy's waterproof materials make it happen.

Zeppy outdoor lautsprecher yoga und entspannung

Rich sound, soft tones. With zeppy's clear sound you can create even the most difficult asanas.

Zeppy outdoor lautsprecher pool

No need to be scared of water. With the underwater sound function you can listen to your favorite music under water. You should give it try at your next pool party.

Zeppy outdoor lautsprecher fuer kinder

Stop reading – Start listening. Speech mode lets you listen to podcasts and audio books in the best sound quality, whenever and wherever you want. Even while swinging.

Explore life. Enjoy music.

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The zeppy Soundbuddy makes more out of your music.