Zeppy bluetooth lautsprecher headerslider loop

With the loop zeppy continues where other loudspeakers stop

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  • setting up
  • lashing
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Don't be afraid of commitment. With the loop the zeppy becomes really attached. No matter what your adventure looks like, the loop holds your zeppy and your vibes. Whether you travel across foreign continents on your backpacker journey, cycle through your Hood or sail through warm summer nights with your boat. The loop serves as a mounting for your zeppy soundbuddy.
Zeppy lautsprecher befestigung loop auf reisen und unterwegs

Just tie your zeppy to your bike and go for a ride in the city.

Zeppy lautsprecher befestigung loop beachvolleyball

With loop your zeppy becomes really attached. Whatever your adventure looks like.

Zeppy lautsprecher befestigung loop fahrrad

Two loops fix your zeppy to almost anything. Holds twice as well.

If you want to be on the safe side or your adven­ture could get too wild, take two loops. Dou­ble is bet­ter than double.

A thousand and one possible applications

The zeppy Soundbuddy makes more out of your music.