Zeppy wasserfester bluetooth lautsprecher

We believe in good vibes

Good vibes need a crystal clear sound and excellent quality. This is our mantra at zeppy.

Zeppy is based in the home country of Sissi, Falco and the mostly beloved musical, "The Sound of Music" (Yes, the Hills are indeed alive). Right, we are talking about Austria! This is where Zeppy was born and where his founders and developers come from. It was in Vienna, where the portable audio product was made with a lot of ingenuity, curiosity and love. Driven by the vision to create new solutions for exceptional user and sound experiences, new materials and design approaches have been combined with cutting-edge electronics and technology.

Our team is made up by a group of motivated inventors which are kind of a melting pot of different countries: Austria, of course, China, the USA, Germany and Switzerland - only to name a few. We are all experts in our respective business unit. The production of our bluetooth speaker is as cosmopolitan as our team. The production takes place in Germany and China and the assembly is made in Austria.

Good vibes are the credo of Team Zeppy. That's why we want to spread them into the world through crystal clear sound and excellent quality.

Explore life. Enjoy music.

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A thousand and one possible applications

The zeppy Soundbuddy makes more out of your music.