Zeppy is not a conventional loudspeaker, because it accompanies you on all your adventures. That's why zeppy is made the way it is: waterproof, floatable, light, robust and pretty versatile.

Explore life. Enjoy music.

Zeppy lautsprecher farben

The zeppy Soundbuddy makes more out of your music.

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Zeppy lautsprecher befestigung loop

Loop – a mounting for your zeppy soundbuddy

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No mountain too high, no pathway too far, no adventure too big. Or just a massage?

You decide the adventure, zeppy delivers the right sound.

Zeppy outdoor lautsprecher reiselautsprecher

Plays only for you: the Private Listening Mode

Zeppy lautsprecher fahrrad halterung
Unverwuestlich ksp
Waterproof, buoyant, light and robust.
Individuell ksp
Six sound modes for your most personal sound experience.
Einzigartig ksp
Lets you re-experience music due to unique features.

We don't (just) want to praise ourselves, but rather let our satisfied users do it for us. Our ratings even get along without #sponsored #gifted #ad.

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With zeppy, the party can just start everywhere. The sound of only one zeppy is already pretty great. But as soon as I connect my zeppy with those of my friends, the sound suddenly reaches a whole new level. Isn't that just awesome.

Hannah, 24 years old

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